Harrison Creative Portfolio: Environments, Games, and Simulations          

Game Environments and Simulations

Goal: Launch stones and knock down boulders. With the volume and velocities turned up, it is vaguely satisfying to launch rocks, and watch as they collide, knocking  stone towers off their balance. 

User Controls: Mouse Movement to Look, 

Mouse-Click / Control-Key to Fire,

Arrow-Keys / WASD-Keys to Move ,

Hold down Shift-Key to move faster, 

Space-Key to Jump.

Goal:  Explore the Cascade Mountain Range from the home base of a naturalist’s log cabin. Search for the skeletal remains of various animals, in a treasure-hunt / artifact collection style simulation.

User Controls: Mouse Movement to Look, Arrow-Keys / WASD-Keys to Move, Space-Key to Jump. A connected Game Controller such as an Xbox controller will also work.

Goal: Explore the accurate geography of the Canyonlands National Park, USA. Find the “Treasure”. You can reference the blip in the radar screen as a guide, or simply get lost canyoneering.

User Controls: Mouse Movement to Look 

Arrow-Keys / WASD-Keys to Move, 

Hold down Shift-Key to Move Faster

Space-Key to Jump.

Goal:  Affect the orbits of planetary bodies within a single star / planet system. Individually adjust their mass and volume. 

User Controls: Mouse Movement to Look,

Arrow-Keys / WASD-Keys to Move,

Mouse-Click to Move Faster,

1 and 2 Keys- Adjust Mass & Volume of Star

3 and 4 Keys - Adjust Mass & Volume of Planet

Geographic environments : Central Cascade mountains, Washington, USA.  

Disclaimer: These game environment simulations will play in a WebGL-enabled web browser. 

About WebGL.

To enable WebGL on your web browser:  

        If you are using Firefox: 

            Enter in the URL: “about:config” and press Enter.

            Search for “webgl2”. 

            Double click on “webgl.enable-prototype-webgl2” to set the value to “true”. 

            Restart Firefox.


        If you are using Chrome:  

            Enter in the URL: “chrome://flags/” and press Enter. 

            Scroll to “Disable WebGL”, and click “Enable” 

            Select: “Relaunch Now”.


Disclaimer: loading speeds may vary. Your patience is requested. Slow loading times are inherent in large simulations, however after fully-loaded, the environments will automatically run in your browser.

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