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VR Painting

E. Harrison — Technical, Visual, and Motion Arts,

 Works in Progress  

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Featured / Recent Works:  

3D Model of a Vacuum Chamber, Inspired by Atlas Technologies. The Process involved was to model a 3D replica as closely as I could match a still photograph, while keeping the integrity of the design as true to form as possible.

Previous Featured Photograph:  

February 2019: 360 degree panorama photo, Snowy Forested Bluff, overlooking Salish Sea. Click on the Photo Below to preview in 360 degree interactive viewer.

Game Environments / Simulations:  

Why not try out a ‘painted’ canyon landscape, or jump on top of Mt. Rainier! You need to have “WebGL” enabled for your browser.  In order to check whether your browser supports WebGL, click here.  The virtual environments are made with Unity3D.

These environments are playable using your arrow keys, the space bar to jump, and mouse movement to look around.  The terrain is both flat and curved, incorporated from Bing maps,  & WorldComposer. The WebGL exports have some limitations.  For this reason, I provide standalone applications available for download HERE. In the near future, versions will be available for viewing in VR (virtual reality,) using the Vive headset and controllers.

360º Video

Solar Eclipse, 4K.   August 21st, 2017, Lincoln City, Oregon, USA.  Vantage Point utop of “The Knoll”

360º Panorama Photography

My Panorama Photography Gallery, hosted on 360Cities.net.  (360 Cities is a wonderful curated site which showcases user-submitted panorama photography on Google Earth.)

Interactive Viewable Panoramas:  (Without the Ads) 

• Horse Crossing River

Interior & Exterior Architectural Panoramas 

• Main Floor

• Upstairs

• Downstairs

• Dining Room

• Porch

3D - Modeling:  

More posted soon, Stay Tuned.

Sketchfab profile

Laser Engraving Demo

Projects in SNAP

Instructables.com Project: Instrument Building


January 2019: VR-Painting, using Google’s Tiltbrush app.